What’s It REALLY Like To Work For Kylie Jenner? Her Assistant Spills!

I can think of an endless stream of jobs I wouldn’t want because, well, I don’t want any job quite frankly, but working for the Kardashians ranks pretty high on the UM NO scale.

Well, the famous family clearly does have a legion of very unlucky people at their behest, and one of them is dishing the dirt on what it’s like behind-the-scenes. A 24-year-old named Victoria Villarroel Gamero is opening up about being Kylie Jenner’s personal assistant for the last year after starting out as an (unpaid, of course) intern at Kris’ company.

“I would see Kylie [at Jenner Communications] all the time, ’cause it was her mom’s office,” said Victoria. “I saved my number in her phone as ‘Victoria the Princess’ — like, I was very confident back then, and then like fast forward to now, a year ago I came back and I was looking for a job, and she took me. And she still had me saved as Victoria the Princess!”

@kyliejenner words can’t even describe how thankful I am to have you in my LIFE! I am OBSESSED WITH YOU

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She, like, continues:

“I walked into her house and it’s just weird, ’cause like, your first day is always scary, but, like, when you’re, like, someone’s personal assistant, it’s, like, they have to, like, like you,” she explained in a video on Kylie’s paid app. “So I walked in, and I remember she had just woken up and I saw her coming down the stairs, and someone’s like, ‘Hey, Kylie, this is Victoria, your new assistant,’ and I was like, ‘Hey,’ and she looked and me and she, like, told me something, and I couldn’t understand. I was like, ‘Wait, what do you mean?’ And I couldn’t understand, and she said it, like, three times, and I was like, ‘sh**, I don’t know what you’re saying.’ I got really frustrated. So a great first impression.”

I…don’t understand either.

Victoria went on to say that she makes sure Kylie has groceries and gas in her cars, and she’s, like, way more than just an employee to Kylie. They’re, like, BFFs you guys — Kylie even helped plan Victoria’s recent engagement to soccer player Marco Lobo.



“One time, we were in her room and we were talking, and she told me — and I remember, I think this is, like, word by word — she said, ‘Close the door, I want to tell you my deepest secrets,'” she recalled. “And I was like, ‘OK,’ and I closed the door and we just talked forever. I think that’s where we bonded.”

Sooooo interesting.

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Victoria also says that her job duties aren’t just confined to regular business hours: You never know when a KarJenner teenager is going to need you.

“To be a personal assistant, you have to be 24/7. I don’t know how you could just be nine to six,” she revealed. “I’m always open. She’ll call me at 2am, I’ll answer. I don’t really have set hours. It’s pretty much whenever duty calls.”

Can’t you just imagine what those 2am calls are?

Victoria, can you get more Totino’s pizza rolls?

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Do you think you could work as a celeb’s right hand, or does it sound like one step above indentured servitude?