WTF Alert: Kris Jenner’s INSANE Christmas Decorations

Understated is overrated! That’s long been the motto of the Kardashian family and matriarch momager Kris Jenner is certainly upholding those values with her Christmas decorations.


KJ opened her Calabasas mansion to Architectural Digest, where she gave them a behind-the-scenes look at everything that goes into creating her annual holiday smorgasbord.

Possibly inspired by a low-rent rave, the theme this year was “Kandyland Wonderland”. Check out some glimpses into how exactly all the magic happened…


And then of course she had to employ the clowns of Christmas, those ghastly toy soldiers:



She also had smaller sub-themes throughout her manse, including…whatever this is supposed to be, besides a wilting mess after about two days:



And what says “Happy birthday, Jesus” more than a neon sign?!?



As luxe and ludicrous as all of this is, doesn’t it make you a bit sad to think of hired hands hoisting up your holiday tree? Isn’t half the fun of the festive season to decorate yourself, with your loved ones, wasted on that bottle of Dom mummy specifically told you not to open…but, um, excuse you mother, specifically told you not to marry Howard because he was sleeping with Georgina’s governess but here we are.

Now that my friends is the spirit of Christmas, not a 15-foot glass polar bear or an animatronic reindeer buzzing by the fireplace.