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Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui: They Work Us Like Slaves

Think that being in a girl band is all hair extensions and thigh-high boots? Think again, my musical minions.

In a bit of leaked audio, Fifth Harmony singer Lauren Jauregui is heard sobbing about the band’s non-stop schedule…and non-existent pay.

“They make decisions on a regular basis to f–k us over to make us literally slaves, literally slaves, Ally. We’re doing f–king labor everyday and we see nothing,” she’s heard tearfully saying in the audio. “They were actually working us to the f–king bone.”

Mike Coppola/Getty

Mike Coppola/Getty

Being in a famous band sounds far more glamorous than it truly is. The hours are long, the travel is constant, and the demands from the music label/handlers/publicists/public/fans is beyond relentless. You don’t really get to have your own identity, goals, rest, or god forbid, privacy.

And then there’s the issue of pay! If you think all famous musicians are rich, think again. They’re basically indentured to their record label until their music and tours turn a profit, and even then, they earn pennies on the dollar–and that’s ONE musician. Divide it all up by five and you’re basically looking at some very flashy paupers.

So I can’t blame Lauren for reaching her breaking point with the fame machine. Nor can we really wag our fingers at Camila Cabello for wanting out of the whole situation, now can we?

 Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

But where do you stand on this discord between Fifth Harmony? Do you think Camila really was being as MIA and difficult as the other girls say? Or are they just bitter because CC flew the coop and they’re hitting a sour note on their own?