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Breaking: Camila Cabello Quits Fifth Harmony

Someone’s taking a page from the Zayn Malik playbook (formerly known as The Justin Timberlake Guide To Life) and ditching the band that made them famous.

Yes, Camila Cabello has quit Fifth Harmony ostensibly to pursue a solo career.

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The girls had been performing together, like, yesterday, and even said last week at Jingle Ball that they were excited about their third album.

“2017, it’s going to be popping,” said Normani, with Dinah adding, “The third album is definitely going to be so lit. We’re really excited.”

Well, four of you are.

Gustavo Caballero/Getty

Gustavo Caballero/Getty

Honestly, I saw this coming. Camila has that It Factor–a charisma that makes for a great celebrity–plus she’s had solo hits with “Bad Things” with Machine Gun Kelly and “I Know What You Did Last Summer” with Shawn Mendes.




But I hear that this wasn’t the “We release you with love!” situation the girls are trying to portray. In fact, rumor has it tensions between Camila and the crew have long been festering, and the day she announced her departure marked the exact day she was no longer contractually obligated to the group.

She really was the stand-out star, which probably was the root of all that tension, no? I predict she has a much better shot on her own than the remaining foursome.

So what do we think will become of our little girl group? While One Direction amply survived minus Zayn, Fifth Harmony is no One Direction, my dears. But what say you, Harmonizers? Are you furious that Camila is ditching her divas? Or is it about time she struck out on her own?