Ryan Reynolds’ Tweet About Blake Lively Is The Most Retweeted GIF

If you know someone (and we all do) who communicates in GIFs more than actual words, then chances are they have Ryan Reynolds to thank for their favorite little blip of 2016.

Back on June 24, the hunky actor tweeted a GIF from his wife Blake Lively’s shark thriller The Shallows and apparently this was the best joke ever because it’s been retweeted over 127,041 times and garnered more than 295,000 favorites:


Totes funny but TBH I don’t know if it necessarily is THE funniest tweet of the year, do you? Then again, I can’t instantly conjure up a post I love more, unless of course it’s this one:



So tell me what your fave social media post or GIF of the year was–are you still cackling over Ry’s raucous tweet or was there something else that tickled your fancy in the Twitterverse?