Gross Alert: Kylie’s Topless Photo Shoot With Tyga

While I expected 19-year-old Kylie Jenner to celebrate boyfriend Tyga’s 27th birthday with some over-the-top party and six-figure car with a bow on top, KJ instead chose to go a different route: the topless route.

Yes, KJ celebrated the birth of her BF by having a photographer snap some pics of him, like, motorboating her. Ain’t love grand?


Irreplaceable 🐯

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Irreplaceable? Yeah, no.


happy birthday baby 💋

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Literally why is this happening? This is so tacky and tasteless. It’s one thing if you want to do some sexy photo shoot with your man, but PLEASE keep it locked in a safe somewhere. Don’t post it on social media!

At this point, I’m not sure what else to expect from Kylie. Just the day before, she posted pics from some photo shoot where you can clearly see through her bra, nipple piercing and all.


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Oh Ky. So young and already so overexposed.

birthday behavior 🎁

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Do you think Kylie will wise up about Tyga AND her increasingly sexy persona sooner rather than later?