Revealed: Scott Disick’s HILARIOUS Teen Model Past!

The more inauthentic and ridiculous the Kardashians get, the more I come to feel hashtag blessed to have Scott Disick around for a dose of humor and snark.

But now, it’s my turn to dish out the burns, for I have uncovered the Lord’s not-so-secret past as a teen fiction cover model.

Are you ready? You are not ready. You cannot be ready for the utter dorkiness I’m about to show you…




Heartland is about a very special horse rehabilitation farm, and the dedicated family who owns/runs it. The main character is a 15 year old girl who strives (with the aid of her sister and grandfather, and their friends) to successfully pick up the pieces (after her mother’s untimely death)and continue her mother’s legacy of helping troubled &/or abused horses. How she accomplishes this, and at the same time heals her own emotional wounds…this is the basis of the story

Epic. Just epic, my minions. I am so thrilled that Scott was able to be a part of such literary excellence, even in such a tangential way.

Can you believe that this fresh-faced teen model became America’s favorite douche?


At that work

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I mean…yes, I kind of can, actually.

While his famous in-laws grace the pagesĀ of Vogue and Elle, the Lord can sit smugly on his throne of Fit Tea knowing that he was the original cover model.