Cute or Ew: Kim Kardashian and North’s Matching Outfits at Paris Fashion Week

In my opinion, there are many, many places that children simply do not belong. The Hamptons, for example. Restaurants. Movie theaters. Non-movie theaters. My apartment building. My block. My city. And of course, fashion week. This should go without saying but leave it to Kim Kardashian to push the boundaries of good taste by taking daughter North West to runway shows during Paris Fashion Week.

And of course, KK used her daughter as her favorite accessory. Check out this matchy-matchy ensemble:

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

OK fine, I like their outfits. Are you happy, Kim? I like them. Well, sitting down at least–this is the entirety of her outfit and it’s trashy and dreadful and in no way approps for front-row of a prestigious Givenchy show. It looks like a swim coverup at an S&M pool party.

And speaking of things that are totally not OK, I do not approve of KK bringing poor North to a fashion show. If you’ve never been, you might not know that runway shows are incredibly loud–so loud that the chairs often vibrate–which means it’s no place for a baby’s delicate ears. But Kim clearly does know that and chose to bring her daughter anyway.

Oh well. On the plus side, at least North probably won’t be able to hear people making fun of her name as she gets older…

Tell me, minions, what is the most outrageously inappropriate place you’ve seen a mom or dad bring their baby?

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