Selena Gomez’s Big News!

A cancelled tour didn’t do much to slow down Selena Gomez’s popularity, at least online.

As she takes time off to deal with the side effects of lupus, her Instagram following has exploded: The pop star now has 100 million followers, eclipsing Taylor Swift (91 million) and Kim Kardashian (83.5 million) to be the most followed person on Earth.



Snaps for you, Sel. But I just never quite understood this level of popularity surrounding SG. She’s pretty, seems nice, has great hair but…?? Seriously 100 million of you are this interested in her? Tres confusing to me, darlings.

But, perhaps the mystery of where exactly Selena has disappeared to only heightens her mystique and appeal, no? Tell me which celebs are clogging up your newsfeed–are you a Selena spotter?