Hot Mess: Bella Thorne’s TWO New Tattoos!

Remember this day, darlings, for it is the moment Bella Thorne earned my ire:

If there is a bed on set I will find it. And I will lay in it. 😍😴💕 #fil #famousinlove

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This monumental achievement is thanks to Bella’s two new tattoos. Yes. Two.

While it’s not so uncommon to have a word on each wrist to create an entire phrase–Demi Lovato has “Stay” and “Strong” on hers–Bella has taken this to a whole new level by getting “WILD” and “KITTY” on her legs.

Wild kitty. On her LEGS.




It’s bad enough that her Snap name is “Bella Thorn Dab” but these tattoos are just next level terrible. So yay for you, Bella. Enjoy WILD KITTY on your legs as you become an adult, when meeting your fiance’s parents, and when your first child goes off to college and you think “Oh it’s warm outside, perhaps I’ll wear shorts” and your daughter will BEG YOU not to because she doesn’t want to be known as “Wild Kitty’s kid” all freshman year.