Teenage Miley Cyrus Told Her Mom She Was Attracted To Women

Miley Cyrus is adamant about not being labeled or identifying with a gender. She also confessed that she told her mother Tish that she was attracted to women when she was 14.


Miley Cyrys

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My sources confirm that Cyrus revealed her feelings to her mother way back when, saying, “I remember telling her I admire women in a different way. And she asked me what that meant. And I said, ‘I love them. I love them like I love boys.'”

While Miley was open and honest, it took Tish a minute to process. The wild child of pop music furthered, “And it was so hard for her to understand. She didn’t want me to be judged and she didn’t want me to go to hell. But she believes in me more than she believes in any god. I just asked for her to accept me. And she has.”

Go Tish for being open-minded and accepting. Miley went even further with her big reveal, or TMI if you didn’t want to know this much. “I am literally open to every single thing that is consenting and doesn’t involve an animal and everyone is of age. Everything that’s legal, I’m down with.”

Okay then.

While Miley was once engaged to (so hot!) Liam Hemsworth, she also confides to Paper Magazine that she’s had relationships with women — but chose to keep those private and away from the paparazzi. “I’ve had that. But people never really looked at it, and I never brought it into the spotlight.”

You hear that, lambs? No labels for Miley.


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