Did Kourtney Kardashian Take Scott Disick Back?

When any of my exes celebrate a birthday, I do the polite thing: I send them a cake full of animal droppings and leak their social security number on Twitter. Like, of course.

But Kourtney Kardashian has a very different way of celebrating her ex Scott Disick’s 33rd year on this planet. A sexy TBT photo. ????


Happy birthday baby daddy!

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Call me crazy, but I wouldn’t be sharing such an intimate, cheery photo of a guy who put booze before our kids and generally humiliated me on national television for years. I’d go with the SSN leak, personally.

So, one has to wonder if KK is keeping up with Scott because she wants him back. She’s said that she’ll always have love for him since he IS the father of her three kids–Mason, Penelope, and Reign–but again, this is an awfully suggestive pic.

I feel like she’s trying to send him a message…but perhaps that message is: “Remember how hot we were together? YA BLEW IT.”

Klever, K. Continuing to remind Scott of what he lost, Kourtney, along with Khloe, headed to Vegas looking hot AF to celebrate Scott’s bday:  


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Maybe Kourt is the real super villain in this romance. I hope so…I love a girl who reminds me of me.