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The Gossip Girl Cast: Where Are They Now?

Once upon a time, millions of eyes were on a very chic clique of Upper East Side teens and all of their scheming, seductive, salacious adventures.

But what’s become of Queen B, Golden Boy, Chuck, Serena, and all the rest since they went their separate ways nearly four long years ago? Don’t worry, darlings, I’ve still got my finger on the pulse of your favorite crew…


Scott Wintrow/Getty Images

Scott Wintrow/Getty Images

Blake Lively, Then

As Serena van der Woodsen, high society’s couture-clad, semi-rebel with a heart (and hair) of gold, Blake embodied all that an It Girl should be: pretty, polished…and not without a few dirty little secrets.

Evan Agostini/Getty Images

Evan Agostini/Getty Images

Blake Lively, Now

Blake has bounced from the Upper East Side to the A-list, thanks to her marriage to hottie Ryan Reynolds. The pair welcomed daughter James—who we STILL haven’t seen, not that I’m bitter—in 2014 and has a second bundle of genetically blessed joy on the way.

But, her pet project, Preserve.com, didn’t fare quite as well. It was shuttered after a year but B says she may try to rebuild the lifestyle site bigger and better. Please do, darling—I can’t think of anyone who gives us more envy than you, from your clothes to your cooking.

Happily, her film career seems to finally be taking off. She’s been in Cannes promoting her upcoming flicks: Woody Allen’s Café Society, shark tale The Shallows, and thriller All I See Is You.

Vanna White Pose, Pat Sajak face.

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Leighton Meester, Then

Oh my, what can we say about B? As Blair Waldorf, Leighton turned blackmail and revenge into an art form, and singlehandedly made headbands a thing. But Queen B courted her fair share of drama and danger. Never fear, her prince was never far away–she rode off into the sunset with Chuck and even gave him an heir to the Bass fortune: son Henry.

Evan Agostini/Getty Images

Evan Agostini/Getty Images

Leighton Meester, Now

LM never seemed to share too many qualities with her UES alter ego, unfortunately. While Blair would rather spend an afternoon combing Bergdorfs, Leighton preferred to lounge with her guitar and craft songs for her debut album, Heartstrings, which didn’t become the hit she’d hoped despite her sweet melodies and fab voice.

Her film career has been equally low key–in 2014 she starred in two indie films, Like Sunday, Like Rain and Life Partners, but she’ll be back on the small screen this fall in Fox’s new comedy, Making History. 

Off camera, L has found a Bass-worthy love…without all the drama. She wed The OC star Adam Brody and welcomed daughter Arlo. Hopefully she’s still rocking the occasional headband though…

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Penn Badgley, Then

Poor Lonely Boy, doomed to love Serena–and, like, half her friends–from afar in the wasteland known as (shudder) Brooklyn. 

But Dan Humphrey’s love story had a happy ending when he landed Serena at long last. Who knew a bookworm from BK with a dorky little diary could turn out to be oh so powerful in the lives of Manhattan’s elite…

Evan Agostini/Getty Images

Evan Agostini/Getty Images

Penn Badgley, Now

While Leighton’s life is nothing like Blair’s, Penn took more than a little inspiration from Dan’s alt-existence and has thrown himself into creative pursuits, namely music. He’s currently the lead singer of MOTHXR (pronounced, as he says, like the woman who made you) and you may be surprised to hear this but the band’s music is actually fantastic. It’s a great summer-ready synth sound, so if you like Zayn’s album, check out Penn’s.

But, since splitting from Blake IRL after several years of togetherness, Penn has yet to find his off-camera true love. However, he is still making movies: You can catch him in the upcoming Adam Green’s Aladdin alongside Macaulay Culkin and Zoe Kravitz where he’ll be playing the Prince of Monaco.

You know what, on tour, we see gender inclusive restrooms EVERYWHERE we go, and signs openly welcoming all kinds, most of all in North Carolina–where it’s supposed to be the opposite, according to the declarations of politicians and “the law”. It occurs to me now that despite the fear mongering and anti- laws being passed, the inevitable recognition of injustices & inequalities is bringing about a deeper, subtler, more REAL reality unfurling around us. It might be wearing an ugly mask for the time being, but our reality is progress no matter what our demagogues proclaim. It’s developing, here & now, and it’s actually inclusive & tolerant, regardless of the “law”. It flies in the face of the law, straight up. It abides by a truer law of the spirit, this reality, more every day. At the moment, striving to see what’s good in the world, I view this as genuinely better than the mere absence of prejudiced laws, because that absence still allowed prejudice to flourish comfortably. Now, in the face of hate that has always existed, people are choosing to declare their tolerance and acceptance rather than being silently complicit in an intolerant world.

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Chace Crawford, Then

Between his shaggy prep-school hair and easy elegant smile, Nate Archibald was certainly the fairest in the land…but the sun didn’t always shine on Golden Boy. He had his share of trials and tribulations thanks to family drama and more than a few ill-advised flings.

But while he ended his time on the UES without finding true love, he did find himself and isn’t that better?

Evan Agostini/Getty Images

Evan Agostini/Getty Images

Chace Crawford, Now

True love still eludes Chace but his career is fairing a bit better…but only slightly. His ABC drama Blood & Oil, which was amazing, was cancelled after only one season but he will be seen again on-screen in Warren Beatty’s upcoming pic about Howard Hughes, alongside Alec Baldwin.

Charley Gallay/Getty Images

Charley Gallay/Getty Images

CC’s still keeping busy: His sister Candice married Dallas Cowboys star Tony Romo, so Uncle Chace has been spending tons of time with his ultra adorable nephews, Hawkins and Rivers. Aw.


Took the little guy to the Pier couple weekends ago

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Ed Westwick, Then

“Because I’m Chuck Bass.”

It was all this legendary gent needed to say to worm his way into the hearts of millions, Blair Waldorf chiefly among them. Somehow Ed managed to make being bad look (and feel) so good. But even this motherchucker had a soft side–at the root of all of his schemes seems to be a blinding desire to impress ladylove Blair.

I like to imagine them lounging somewhere on a Southampton beach, jet at the ready, schemes simmering on the back burner, still oh so in love…don’t you?

Evan Agostini/Getty Images

Evan Agostini/Getty Images

Ed Westwick, Now

Ed may think he’s left Chuck behind but that Basstard has followed him into his more recent roles. Ed played conniving and treacherous Tybalt in 2013’s Romeo & Juliet, a charming ladykiller in the (now cancelled, sniff) ABC drama Wicked City, and will star in the upcoming flick Take Down about a crew of rich but rebellious prep school kids who fight back when their academy is taken over by criminals.


Talk to the Hand

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Jessica Szohr, Then

Oh Vanessa—always second choice for Manhattan’s main men, weren’t you? Relentlessly ditched on-screen by Nate Archibald and Dan Humphrey, Vanessa hoped that her IRL counterpart Jessica Szohr would find true love with Ed Westwick…but twas not meant to be. The pair split amidst rumors that she hooked up with his friend (how very un-Vanessa of you, J). Jess went on to have an on-again, off-again (now permanently off) relationship with NFL Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Jessica Szohr, Now

But, Jess has kept busy with a myriad of small but steady projects, including stints on CSI: Cyber and Complications (both now cancelled—bad luck with this cast and television, isn’t it?), as well as the sci-fi show Kingdom.

She’s also had small roles in Ted 2, Two Night Stand, and Club Life. Not sure that an Oscar is in the works for her just yet, but I’m happy she hasn’t abandoned the screen, aren’t you?

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Taylor Momsen, Then

Once upon a time, Jenny Humphrey was a bright-eyed girl in a big bad city…made even worse by big bad Blair’s vendetta against her. But while Little J was determined to make it in high fashion, Taylor Momsen has had no such dreams off camera…

Evan Agostini/Getty Images

Evan Agostini/Getty Images

Taylor Momsen, Now

The brooding blonde has taken a page from her on-screen brother Penn Badgley’s book, and ditched Hollywood for music. I, for one, didn’t expect her heavy rock band The Pretty Reckless to go anywhere at all, but turns out T and her bandmates are incredibly popular on that scene. Which I do not interact with at all, because, no. The group has been up for all sorts of alt-music awards, including Best Group, Best Newcomer at the Virgin Media Music Awards in 2010, Revolver’s Song of the Year for “Kill Me” in 2012, and Taylor did nab the “Hottest Female” prize at the 2014 Kerrang Awards.

So, while I’m still SO NOT OK with her panda eye makeup, I do give her snaps for succeeding in a world so very different from the one she came from.

Far as I know Little J is single—no doubt it’s hard to find a partner who can handle a girl this hardcore…

#deliverygirl #watermusic #newtprmusic #thanksforthehelpsean @skellycaster

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Kelly Rutherford, Then

Ever the perfectly poised society matriarch Lily van der Woodsen was the mom all of us (or maybe just me) wanted: She had a closet of couture, an AmEx black, and was never home. What more could Serena have asked for?

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Kelly Rutherford, Now

Lily may have moved on but IRL Kelly still calls the Upper East Side her home…but it’s not a happy one. The actress has spent the last few years waging an insane custody war against her ex Daniel Giersch, who has absconded to Monaco with their two tots, Helena and Hermes.

She told courts that she’s going bankrupt trying to get her babes back but she has exhausted all appeals so it looks like her former husband will have full custody of the kids, which means Kel has to jet across the pond constantly if she wants to see her own children.

But all is not lost. She has had small TV roles on Quantico and The Mysteries of Laura and Being Mary Jane…but nothing significant in the works. Hopefully KR can get back on screen, back in the black, and back with her children ASAP.

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Matthew Settle, Then

Rufus may have rejoiced in his Brooklyn-ness but I did not…although by the end of the series, I couldn’t help but love the scruffy dad who, unlike most of his fellow characters, actually acted like a father to Dan and Jenny.

In the end, Rufus and his beloved Lily found themselves together once more, but did life imitate art…?

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Matthew Settle, Now

I, just like you, fervently hoped that Matthew and Kelly would find love IRL and she posted a rather telling Instagram last year that hinted as such…

Such a fun dinner last night with @matthew_settle @mslagerfelt @laurendlondon ⭐️

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They’ve also been each other’s dates to numerous events from the Cannes film festival to charity galas here in NYC. And they teamed up for the Lifetime TV movie, A Sister’s Nightmare. How very interesting.

But, by all appearances M is settled with galpal Maria Alfonsin. They welcomed a daughter, Nalu, last year.

My Little song writer #dad

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Professionally he hasn’t been so lucky. He’s appeared in a string of things I’ve never heard of including Marshall’s Miracle and the TV movie Paper Angels, but will star in horror flick The Faith of Anna Waters later this year.