Bella Hadid Apologizes To Her Mom For This Photo…

As girls, we’re constantly torn between wanting to be every inch the good daughter our mother raised…and the vixeny sex kitten we know lurks inside. Bella Hadid knows this struggle.

Sorry mama Secret project with my dream team @nomadrj and @elizabethsulcer #BTS

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Sorry mom! No word on what sexy and secret project B is working on, but no doubt her #proudmommy Yolanda will be in her corner, ready to touch up her hair, help her pose…or hand her a bathrobe and a Bible.

My money is on the former as Yolanda made her living as a model back in the day–she knows all too well that sometimes during a photoshoot, less is more.

But here’s what’s got me curious, minions: Do you think that B has the goods over big sisĀ GigiĀ Hadid when it comes to ruling the catwalk? Do tell, darlings…