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Zayn Malik Opens Up About Dating Gigi Hadid

And if you're thinking of Tweeting at Z, don't...

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ICYMI: Kendall Jenner Cuts Her Hair Short, Frees the Nipple!

Science says you should too!

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Blake Lively Wants A Gossip Girl Reunion

Is it time for one more wild ride though Manhattan?

Justin Bieber

WTF! Justin Biebier Throws Major Fit Over His New Movie Role

Go gay? No way, says JB!

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You Won’t Believe What One “Fan” Did At A Beyonce Concert

Pokemon Go home and rethink your life decisions, sweetheart

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Kim Kardashian Reveals the Absurd Reason Why She Skipped Chrissy Teigen’s Wedding

And why it lead to a blowout fight with Kanye!

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Aw! Kristen Bell Shares Beautiful Photos from Her Wedding

Watch her get misty eyed talking about Dax!

Comic-Con International 2016 - Warner Bros. Presentation

Yikes! Was Taylor Swift Really Banned From Comic-Con?

See why not everyone is shipping Hiddleswift

Rob Kardashian Blac Chyna

Breakup Alert? Rob Kardashian Deletes Blac Chyna Off His Instagram!

Is this odd couple over already?

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Jennifer Lopez Takes Sides In The ‘Taylor vs Kim’ Drama!

Did Taylor just lose or gain a squad member?

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WTF Was Selena Gomez’s Rambling Instagram Post All About?

Is she having a quarter-life crisis?

Kensington Palace

Prince George Turns Three – See the Adorable Photos!

Warning, cuteness overload ahead!

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Cara Delevingne Has Had Sex WHERE? The Model Spills Her Dirty Secrets!

Have you done the same, darlings?

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Here’s How Tom Hiddleston Reacted to the Taylor Swift/Kim Kardashian Feud

But here's why I don't believe him...

Selena Gomez on tour

WHAT?! You Won’t Believe How Much Selena Gomez Makes Per Instagram Post

Taylor? Bieber? Kim? I've got the answer...